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Welcome to Two Bar Training Where We Specialize in Developing Confident Riders and
Exceptionally Well Trained Horses

Equestrians of all ages and disciplines can benefit from the services offered at Two Bar Training. We provide training for both horse and rider with the emphasis on a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Feel free to browse through our site, read some of our helpful articles and enjoy your virtual visit to the beautiful White Mountains!

Young Riders Welcome !

Debbie Fogle

The unique bond between horses and humans can be one of the most potent and memorable relationships of our youth. Learning how to trust and communicate with such a powerful, yet gentle creature can be richly rewarding. The experience can develop confidence, a sense of responsibility and provide the unique benefits of a non-judgmental relationship.

If you know a young person that loves horses and would like to spend more time around them give us a call, we have decades of experience introducing young people to the joys of horsemanship!


Yoga incorporates many of the same principles you need to become a confident, balanced rider. Whether you enjoy trail riding, horse shows or compete in speed events, Yoga will improve your performance and ability to communicate with your horse. Here's what one of our clients says:

"I was amazed at how yoga had changed my personal awareness of my body and finding my independent seat in the saddle. Relaxed, energized, aware of self, and feeling the horse underneath me become part of me. Even the horse breathing became part of me"....

It's AMAZING the impact learing a few breathing and stretching exercises can have on your riding. This will be a great experience for all ages and abilities who want to get the most out of their riding! To find out more go here!

Black HorseCamping With Your Horse

For those of you that prefer to 'go it alone' we have put together some information about "Camping With Your Horse".

We have included links to help you make a decision on which area is appropriate for you needs.

For more about camping with your horse click here.

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