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Horse and rider

Helpful Information For Horsemen of All Abilities

Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Horse?
Consistency and Clarity is the Key
By Debbie Fogle

Communication is a vital part of life. It is so important that we couldn't live (together) with out it. The same holds true about our relationship with horses, only they are so big that we certainly couldn't get them to do our bidding without opening some lines of communication. Fortunately for us, horses are docile creatures that are forgiving of our sometimes awkward attempts at transmitting our wishes...... more

Just a 'Bit' of Information
By Debbie Fogle

Every horse owner, at one time or another, questions whether they are using the right bit for their horse. Most of the time this question comes up when there is some type of problem, their horses is fighting the bit, tossing his head or there is just a lack of responsiveness, or in horseman's terms - no whoa. Changing bits really does have the potential to improve communication with your horse, but many riders don't take advantage of this because they lack the knowledge to know what type of bit to use to improve their situation...... more

Surviving an Equine Emergency
By Debbie Fogle

There are very few drawbacks to being a horse owner in the White Mountains but the lack of veterinary services sits right at the top of this short list. Anyone who has owned a horse long enough has had the unfortunate experience of having to load up a sick and/or injured animal and head for the vet..... more

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